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Q: Who is the actress in the fabreze commercial 'nose blind'?
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Are star nose moles blind?

no they have eyes between there tenticals

How do you treat a blind pimple on the nose?

put mud on it and chalk on it

What actress had a nose reconstruction after cocaine abuse?

Stevie nicks

What is on the rats nose in the Orkin commercial?


Who is blind in one eye because their nose bends to one side?

Lauren Knowles

What part of the statue the roman god janus sticks out as a treath to blind people?

It will be the nose

What has a face but can not see?

A badger has a face but it is blind. It uses its nose and paws to live and burrow etc.

Can you go blind from getting your nose pierced?

If the needle went in your eye.. then maybe you could.

How did Roald Dahl become blind?

He crashed into the Liberian desert also with a cracked skull and broken nose.

Who is the woman in the Advil cold and sinus commercial where she blows her nose and nothing comes out?

brittany gray

Was Ellen G White blinded by her accident?

No, she was not, though her nose was severely disfigured.

What is the song in the Gillette Fusion Commercial that takes place in a coffee shop. The commercial is called Under Your Nose on the Gillette website?

The artists are known as Elegant Too