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Q: Who is the actress featured in miralax switch laxatives commercial?
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Is miralax available in Australia?

Is MiraLAX found in Australia

Does miralax come in pill form?


What is miramax used to treat?

Miralax is used to treat constipation with no side effects. The purpose of Miralax is to regulate the digestive system.

Is it harmful to take miralax on a regular bases?

Miralax, also known as Glycolax and now as several other products as well, is safe in long term use.

How many teaspoons of Miralax is 17 grams?


What are some useful products for constipation relief?

Some useful products for constipation relief include different types of laxatives. Miralax is a good example of such a product. You can also take fiber supplements which are a form of laxative themeselves (bulk-forming laxatives) such as Metamucil, FiberCon, and Citrucel. Another alternative is to eat foods high in fiber such as nuts, oats, fruit, whole-grain or whole-wheat breads, seeds, and vegetables. You should also increase your water intake.

How does MiraLax work?

MiraLax (polyethylene glycol 3350) works by drawing water back into the colon, thus softening the contents (stool) and making for easier bowel movements.

How many cups of miralax are in 119 grams?


Is it necessary to use an enema before a sphincterotomy Won't the miralax cleanse the day before do the same thing?

An enema is still the preoperative standard. A Miralax cleanse is not sufficient in the vast majority of cases.

How many cups are in 275 grams of miralax power?

About 1.368 cups

How many cups equal 238 grams of miralax?

That is approximately 1.05 cups

Can taking 17 grams of miralax 3 times a day for cronic constipation produce a negative result from taking opiate medications?

YES I am prescribed miralax 2-3 times a day for chronic constipation & it works well