Who is the CEO of Safeco Auto Insurance?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Safeco is a national insurance company specializing in auto insurance, as well as personal liability and homeowners insurance. The CEO for the company is currently Paula Rosput Reynolds. She took over after former CEO Mike McGavick left to pursue a career in politics.

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Q: Who is the CEO of Safeco Auto Insurance?
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What type of insurance does SafeCo offer?

SafeCo offers auto insurance and Liberty Mutual Insurance. The SafeCo Insurance owns the naming right for the stadium of Seattle Mariners, a baseball team.

Is safeco auto insurance good?

Safeco is one of the top insurance carriers in the United States. They have great customer service and are very financially sound.

How is safeco different from other auto insurances?

Safeco isn't inherently different from other auto insurance companies. They offer auto, home, and other kinds of insurance, as well as different levels of auto insurance, just like all of the more well-known companies. You can work with a personal agent, or purchase insurance yourself on their site.

How does one go about getting an auto quote through the Safeco Insurance Company?

In getting an quote from Safeco Insurance Company, they must specify auto insurance as their desired type and provide their zip code. You must then provide information about yourself and the potential drivers of your vehicles, what your vehicles are, and what your current insurance is. Once this information is submitted, Safeco provides you a quote.

What is Safeco's auto insurance cancellation fax number?

They do not want to handle cancelaton....ㅡ.ㅡ

What kinds of insurance does Safeco offer?

Safeco offers many different kinds of insurance. The types include auto, home, boat, motorcycle, RV, umbrella, classic car, landlord protection, and business.

Who is the CEO of Titan auto insurance?

Titan Auto Insurance was recently purchased by Nationwide Insurance. According to Nationwide, the President and Chief Operating Officer of Titan Insurance is David Arango. Steve Rasmussen is CEO of Nationwide Insurance, the parent company of Titan.

Is Safeco insurance a good insurance company?

Safeco insurance is a member of the Liberty Mtual Group, which is a very reputable company. Safeco provides insurance coverage options for automobiles, homes, and businesses.

Who is the CEO of GMAC Auto Insurance?

The current CEO of GMAC Auto Insurance is Gary Y. Kusumi. Kusumi began his career in autos in Toldeo Ohio working at General Motors and started his insurance career at Progressive in 1981.

Does Safeco Insurance cover motorcycles?

Yes, Safeco Insurance covers motorcycles. There are many ways to save on Safeco Motorcycle Insurance, such as taking safety classes and protecting yourself and your passengers.

What is the naic number number for safeco insurance company?

The NAIC number for Safeco Insurance Company of America, domiciled in Keene, New Hampshire, is 24740. "Safeco Insurance" has multiple different underwriting companies, each of which has a different NAIC number, all of which are listed on the Safeco Insurance website.

What are some good rated auto insurance companies in MD?

Some of the top rated auto insurance companies in Maryland are Geico, State Farm, Esurance, Nationwide, All State, Progressive, and Safeco Insurance to name just a few.