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Q: Who is the Actor in the Orange cloud at the end of the Emergen-C Commercial?
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What logo has an orange cloud?

Sound cloud

Who is the voice on the Microsoft Cloud commercial?

Bradley Cooper?

Who is the actress in the cloud airport commercial?

Her name is Amy French.

Who are actors in public storage cloud commercial?

They are actors from Canada.

Who is the Microsoft cloud commercial actress in the airport?

Amy French. A list of commercial credits appear on her website,

Who is the girl walking on the cloud in the Toyota Avalon commercial?

Brigitte Hagerman

Who is cloud strife's voice actor?

Steve Burton provides the English voice over whereas Takahiro Sakurai does the Japanese voice for Cloud Strife .

What is the song of the new 2009 Aegean commercial?

Cloud Cult-Chemicals Collide

What is the new sprint commercial where the girl texts the guy and then he texts her back with xoxoxoxo and then it shows little x's and o's and hearts fall from a cloud above her For unlimited texts?

That commercial is titled "Cloud." I actually worked on that commercial and saw it on TV for the first time. It turned out great!

What is the name of the song on the Dance Central commercial?

Evacuate the dance floor- by cloud 9.

Why is a cloud sometimes red?

a cloud is sometimes red orange or pink because of the way the sunlight goes through the layers of atmosphere.The light also has to go through the cloud and go a long way to get to your eyes.

What company made the cloud storage system?

Several companies have a cloud storage system. Google, Box, Dropbox, Amazon are some of the companies who use cloud storage internally and offer commercial storage as a service.