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Sasori is much stronger than Deidara, Deidara has already stated that Sasori is stronger than him...... the pairs in the Akatsuki are always designed to have one stronger, and one weaker.... just like how Itachi is stronger than Kisame, and Pein is stronger than Konan...... in their aspect Sasori is the stronger of the two.

Btw, Sasori was not killed by Sakura and Chiyo..... if you watch the episode where he died..... you will see that he let them kill him, as stated by Chiyo...... Deidara is not powerful at all.... he's probably either the weakest or the second weakest out of the Akatsuki, with Sasori probably in the top 5........ Sasori is too underrated, while Deidara is too overrated........

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Q: Who is stronger Deidara or Sasori?
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