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Q: Who is responsible for tree limbs extending across property line?
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Which kind of muscles move bones?

Smooth muscle is responsible for the contraction that moves limbs.

We have trees on our property that the limbs are growing onto the neighbor's roof. the neighbor wants the trees removed. who is responsible for removing the trees?

A property owner is responsible for trimming or removal of trees that are a 'known" hazard to the life, health or property of others. Willful Failure to do so demonstrates negligence on the part of the property owner. If injury or loss occurs after negligence then personal Liability for all resulting damage follows. You should document in some way your notification to your neighbor so as to avoid any dispute of prior knowledge should a loss occur. This is often accomplished through certified mail. If the property owner has no prior knowledge then they can successfully dispute liability.

What is tree lacing?

Tree lacing is the (yearly) pruning and thinning of limbs so that the tree continues to thrive and not present a hazard to surrounding property.

How many limbs how many limbs does a crayfish have?

8 major limbs

What fossil is an example of early amphibians?

The tetrapod is an example of an early amphibian. It was very similar to a fish but had limbs which it used to move across the bottom of marches.

Are there such things as mechanical limbs?

Yes. Mechanical limbs also known as artificial limbs.

Do invertebrates have limbs?

Yes, invertebrates do have limbs.

What are 2 sentence using the word limbs?

My limbs were sore after exercising. I tore my limbs on the pavement.

How do you place a property owner on notice in Georgia due to a large oak tree on their property that has limbs that over hang my property and could fall and cause property damage for me?

you must notify your local authorities, they will access the situation and decide as to what must be done in order to make sure there will be no damage or accidents due to this tree, they will then notify the owners as to what they must do.

What is Machado-Joseph disease?

a rare hereditary disorder affecting the central nervous system , especially the areas responsible for movement coordination of limbs, facial muscles, and eyes

How do ostrich use their limbs?

They use their limbs mainly to walk and since they do not fly their usage of limbs are limited.

What term refers to the arms and legs?

They can be called limbs, appendages, extremities, or members.