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The unlicensed driver is responsible for all damages. If they are a minor the parents may be forced to take responsibility.

Sadly, the owner of the vehicle MUST make any insurance claims they are eligible to make.

The owner can ask the unlicensed driver to pay any excess on the insurance and even take them to court if they refuse to pay it.

The driver of the vehicle is responsible to pay any amounts not covered by the vehicles owners insurance, including damages to the car.

If the insurance premium goes up or you loose your no claim bonus then I'm sorry but the driver is not liable for that.

If the unlicensed driver drove the vehicle without permission from the vehicle owner then the vehicle owner must report that the car was stolen at the time of the accident, then provide the insurance company with the police report number (you can tell the police you don't want to press charges). Under these circumstances even if the insurance company pays out damages for the vehicle they may chase the unlicensed driver to pay them back.

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Q: Who is responsible for an unlicensed driver driving another person vehicle involved in an accident?
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Yes he is do the crime pay the consequences

Is an unlicensed driver automatically at fault in an auto accident in Washington state?

No. Just the fact of being unlicensed does not mean that the driver did something that caused the accident. Being unlicensed is what is called a non-moving violation. Another violation of this type may be not having a current registration tag on the vehicle. Just because you don't have a tag on your car doesn't automatically make you at fault for someone hitting your car. Fault for the accident will have to be determined by the police officers after they investigate the scene and take statements from witnesses. The person who is driving without a drivers license will get a ticket for not being licensed and then whoever was at fault will receive a violation for whatever they did to cause the accident.

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