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If YOU are the driver of the vehicle that started the chain collision, and pushed the car you hit into the car in front ot it. - YOU are responsible.

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Q: Who is responsible If you hit someone from behind in your car and the person you hit hits the car in front of them?
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Yes. Yes, because you caused the front bumper to mess up by running into the back one, therefore, you are responsible.

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If you are completely stopped, the person behind you will be at fault for BOTH cars since they didn't allow themselves enough time and space to stop safely.

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Yesterday you got into you 3 car accident the driver agead of us stopped immediately making us rear end which you found out was your fault but the pep behind us hit us had jus got a 2010 mitshubsi?

Your right, you are responsible to leave enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you in order for you to be able to stop. Good measure is one car length for every 10 mph that you are traveling. This also applies to the person behind you. Technically you are responsible for the damage to the front vehicle and the front end damage to your vehicle, and the person behind you is responsible for the damage to your rear end and his damage. Submit your claim quickly to your company and the company of the person behind you and get them a copy of the accident report. Let the insurance companies determine who pays what. Most likely your is totaled as you have front and rear damage if it is extensive. If minor it may not be totaled. Go ahead and look around for the value of vehicles similar to yours in model, condition, mileage, etc so you know the ballpark before an offer is made to you.