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Woodie was not a Norte he was a false claimer

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โˆ™ 2011-08-29 09:07:21
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Q: Who is related to woodie the dead norteno rapper in the bay area?
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Ryan woodie wood?

He was a famous Norteno rapper, and he lived in the Bay Area. He shot himself in March of 2007.

How did Ryan Wood bay area rapper known as Woodie girlfriend die?

she died of cancer

Did woodie the norteno bay area rapper have any kids and or a wife?

Umm im his cuzin but i never got to see him and i knw his real cuzin and he has a grlfriend named Savannah...but back to my cuzin woodie he did not have no kids at all but he did have a girlfriend and he died becuz his grl have a coma and he knew se was gonna die and didnt want her to so he shoot himself in his backyard....and that was that...i wish he never did that but im jus trying to get over woodie baybehh your still here and we will never ever in life forget you....R.I.P WOODIE!we all love you so much you made us proud and i wanna be a singer jus like you and im trying to get a producer to help me wit my music...but that's Rosa Bartlett

What town was Ryan woodie raised?

he was raised in antioch California the bay area

What are some similarities of Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman views on reason and faith?

bay area norteno raza

Where is rapper t Pacheco from?

Bay Area California

Who is AP9 the rapper?

A Rapper From Oakland, Ca He is a member of legendary bay area rap group The Mob Figaz.

Why did Bay Area Rapper T Pacheco threaten Rapper Rick Ross?

Who cares. Everyone threatens this sissy la la Rick Ross rapper. Rick Ross is a fake deputy sheriff rapper.

Is Bay Area California American Rapper T Pacheco a pimp as well as a crack dealer?

No. He is a rapper, and not a drug dealer.

Where do rapper e 40 live?

In the private Blackhawk Area in Daniville,Ca.

Was Bay Area Rapper T Pacheco recently arrested with cocaine and a firearm?

No. He hasn't

Does Anyone know when the new Bay Area rapper T Pacheco is doing a show?

THis upcoming weekend.

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