Who is ray croc?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ray Croc is the founder of Mc Donalds. He basically started the Mc Donalds business in the year of 1954.

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Q: Who is ray croc?
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Half Sun Half Crocodile... it says it in his name... Sun (RAY) Crocodile (CROC)

How old was Ray Croc when he passed away?


How did Ray Kroc become the McDonald's founder?

Ray croc listened to katy perry

What does ray kroc try to sell at the beginning?

Ray Croc is trying to sell a machine that makes multiple milkshakes at a time in " The Founder"

What is the Name of McDonald's founder?

Ray Croc

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What fast food restaurant were established by Ray Croc?

Ray Kroc created the well known McDonald"s restaurants which are all across the country and the most common restaurant in the United States.

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Croc - magazine - was created in 1979.

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