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Q: Who is prettier Elsa or Anna?
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Who was the main female character in Tangled?

Elsa - the Snow Queen who accidentally sets an eternal winter on the town of Arendelle Anna (pronounced Ah-nuh) - Elsa's younger sister who travels to Elsa's snow palace to try to get her to change winter back to summer. Hans - Anna's future husband until her tricks her and traps her in the castle Kristoff - A man who Anna meets at a trading post who helps her find her way to Elsa's snow palace Sven - Kristoff's pet reinder who is Kristoff's best friend and Kristoff's transportation from place to place Olaf - A friendly snowman who Elsa and Anna created who comes to life and meets Anna and Kristoff Bulda - A rock troll who raised Kristoff and Sven when they were young Oaken - The man who owns the trading post and sauna where Anna meets Kristoff Duke of Weselton - A man who tries to capture Elsa and kill her Grand Pabbie - The rock troll king who knows much about the powers of a frozen heart King of Arendelle - The king of Arendelle and Elsa and Anna's father Queen of Arendelle - The queen of Arendelle and Elsa and Anna's mother

Who is elsa in frozen?

Elsa is the main character in the movie Frozen. She is a princess who has magic ice powers in her hands, which she has kept hidden as a child, but then she runs away and freezes everything.

Who es America Garcia?

she is cool,preety,nice,awesome, prettier than yezel,prettier than alejandra,prettier than denise, prettier than shanya,prettier than divas from wrestling, prettier than skateboarders girls,cooler on the internet,and more

How tall is Elsa Hanewinkel?

Elsa Bangz is 5' 5".

When did Elsa Bruckmann die?

Elsa Sigfuss died on May 25, 1979, in Copenhagen, Denmark.