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Charlemagne was not a composer; he was a medieval emperor. Leonin and Perotin were composers from the Notre Dame school of organum in the 12th century, while Machaut was a composer from the ars nova period in the 14th century.

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Q: Who is not a composer Charlemagne leonin perotin machaut?
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Leonin and Perotin were instrumental in bringing?

different type of music

Was Leonin and Perotin were associated with the Notre Dame School?


Who created a system of rhythmic notation?

In the Middle ages, Leonin and Perotin were the ones who created a system of rhythmic notation.

Leonin and Perotin were two famous French musicians associated with Notre Dame school of composition in Paris?


Was Leonin a composer?

Yes, Leonin is the first known significant composer of polyphonic organum, which was two or more melodic voices used in Medieval chants.

Who is considered to be the most important musician of the middle ages?

There are several medieval composers who can make a valid claim to being the 'most important'.Why don't you start with Guillaume de Machaut - a very serious contender?When you know a little about Guillaume, research Perotin and Leonin - and decide if you think they were more, or less, important.the catholic church

What era did leonin compose?

yes he is the earliest known polyphony composer

Earliest known composers to write music with measured rhythm?

The rhythm of early notated music came from a few different sources. One idea is that it was first notated with the Greeks.

How did Leonin and Perotin contribute to the middle ages?

They were both famous composers of the time. They are also two of the few composers from the Middle Ages who are known to have existed then. --- They developed organum, which was a step between unison chanting and counterpoint.

Who are two composers from the Middle Ages?

there were no significant composers in the middle ages era. Music, and culture in general, saw a comeback during the Renaissance, but the Middle, or Dark, Ages were times of feudalism and very limited communication.

Why were Leonin and Perotin notable?

Leonin, who worked in Paris during the second half of the 12th century, and Perotin, who continued after Leonin, developed polyphonic organum. This was a type of music composition the was developed into counterpoint. Prior to organum, music was very simple, with a single melodic line, sung in unison. There were possible additions, such as a drone, which stuck to a single tone. Organum used the same melodic line duplicated in easy ways such as at an interval of a third or fourth above the main line. This was developed with increasing complexity until, with counterpoint, second and third melodic lines that were very different melodies were used simultaneously, related to each other in accordance with a set of rules developed for the purpose.

When did Leonin die?

Leonin died in 1201.