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from cleanest to dirtiest, dogs, humans, cats. Dogs have acids and and less bacteria. Humans Have the same thing, but far less acid, enzymes and things that kill bacteria. And cats have even less.

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Q: Who is mouths are cleaner humans cats or dogs?
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Is a dog mouth cleaner than a cat mouth?

Actually, no. Cats also have cleaner mouths than humans, and they may possibly have cleaner mouths than dogs because their saliva destroys germs better than dog's saliva does. No dogs mouths are cleaner

Are cats' mouths cleaner than dogs' mouths?

I don't have any idea!

Why are dogs' mouths cleaner that humans?

Dogs mouths are cleaner than humans because the food that they eat actually turns into toothpaste and breath mints. And, yes, this is true. I am a librarian, so i would know.

Is cats or dogs mouth cleaner?

dogs because they are the most claenest mouths around here and everywhere else too

Do dogs have cleaner mouths than humans do?

You would think that humans had the cleaner mouth of the two, but actually dogs do. the dogs have a cleaner mouth because they have a germ fighting bacteria in their saliva.yes, they are it is a fact to. so you better believe it, dogs have some kind of bacteria fighter in there food.

Do dogs have cleaner mouths then cats?

A cat's mouth is cleaner. The average cat mouth has about 16-18 different types of bacteria, while the dog mouth has over 60 different types. They tend to have less because they open their mouths less often, thus not attracting so many microorganisms from the outside world, while the dog is constantly panting and breathing heavily through their mouths. Another reason because of this is that dogs tend to lick and bite things more than cats, whether it's exploring a new object or person that came into the house, drinking toilet water, or eating dirty socks. Cats, on the other hand, sniff and paw things when they want to play and only occasionally bite. A cat's mouth is also cleaner because of their eating habits.

Is dogs mouth cleaner than human's mouth?

No, a dogs mouth is not cleaner than humans because they dont brush their teeth and floss to keep all the germs away. They also eat sometimes out the bins and some drink out the toilet. So then there you have it! Dogs mouths are not cleaner than humans.

Do dogs or puppys have cleaner mouths?

dogs because their mouths are bigger an can fight more germs and bacteria!

Are cats breath cleaner than humans?

No they are not. ANSWER The vast majority of infectious diseases only affect one species, so diseases that hurt dogs -- parvo virus for example -- will not generally attack a human. It follows then that a cat's mouth, while not cleaner than a human's, will contain fewer bactiera, virii,etc. that would infect a human. However, in terms of cleanliness, cats' mouths are no cleaner than your own.

Why dont cats have a cleaner mouth than a dog?

Yes, a cat's mouth is cleaner than a human's, and possibly cleaner than a dog's, too. The saliva that destroys germs and keeps the mouth clean is more powerful in cats than it is in humans or dogs. It needs to be this way because cats use their mouths to clean themselves often. It is safe to share a Popsicle with a cat!

Is dogs tongues cleaner than humans?

Yes. Dogs have an antibacterial quality to their saliva which contributes to their magnificantly clean mouths.

Is a dog's mouth cleaner than a humans?

There is a common misconception that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's, but this is not true. Both dogs and humans have different types of bacteria in their mouths, and neither is necessarily cleaner than the other. It is important to practice good oral hygiene for both dogs and humans to maintain oral health.