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Q: Who is liable for cost of structural engineer after car hits house?
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When can accountable officer be held pecuniarily liable?

If the offense cost money, the officer responsible is pecuniarily liable.

Are adult children liable for funeral cost in the UK?


What can happen legally if you cut someone?

you can be liable for the cost of treatment.

Who designed Minar e Pakistan?

Designed and supervised free of cost by Nasreddin Murat-Khan,an architect/engineer hailing from Daghestan. Structural design was given by a civil engineer Abdur Rahman Khan Niazi from Lahore, who was working with Murat khan.The design approved by the President was built by Mian Abdul Khaliq and Company

Structural steel erection cost?

Labor materials

Is a cracked foundation covered under basic homeowners insurance or will your house be condemned?

Cracked FoundationA cracked foundation is rarely if ever a reason for a home to be condemned.AnswerI suggest you consult a structural engineer to assess your foundation. Under most circumstances there will not be any coverage available for a cracking or cracked foundation. An engineer can determine the cause and repairability and a contractor can determine the repair cost. You can always file a claim and see what your insurance company does. Is the home on a sinkhole? If it is there may be coverage in some states. Good luck!

How much did a house cost in 1970s?

In the 1970s, a new house cost 234,00.00 In the 1970s, a new house cost 234,00.00 in the 1970s a house cost 234,00.00

If you signed a lease and are not going to be moving in What am i liable for?

You would be liable for the cost of the rent and the fees in your lease for breaking the lease. Your landlord can also successfully sue you to recover damages to re advertise the place. Your landlord also has a duty to mitigate his damages, and to find a replacement tenant as quickly as possible. Unless you have a good cause to not move in; you will be stuck with these costs. A good cause would be unable to have quiet enjoyment of the house, anything structurally wrong with the house, or you can prove you will not be safe living in that house.

If your house is sherriff sold are you responsible for the remaing debt?

Yes, you are still liable. If the sale doesn't cover the cost of the loan, the balance has to be resolved. If there is money left over, after costs, the person that was paying on the loan gets the balance.

When a house is auctioned do you owe the balance of the mortgage after it is sold?

If the home was foreclosed on, you are still liable for the balance on the loan. Depending on the circumstances, some investors may not want to pursue it if the cost to collect exceeds the amount being collected.

What does a mechanical engineer degree cost?

At least $4, probably more

Husband cut tree and fell on neighbors shed we just got the house in our name and don't have house insurance what will happen?

If your husband was cutting down or trimming a tree and the result was damage to your neighbors property, that would indicate direct liability. You and your husband are liable for the cost of damages he caused.