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The black market dealer for ration books was arrested. Who is jealous about how much time Anne and Peter are spending together in his room? What amazing news does Miep bring to the Annex? Miep told the residents that the invasion, D-day, had begun.

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Q: Who is jealous about how much time Anne and Peter are spending together in his room?
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Who was jealous of Anne Frank's meetings with Peter?

Peter's mother, Auguste van Pels was somewhat jealous of Anne and Peter's close relationship.

Who was jealous of Anne's meeting with peter and why?

her sister was older

Why does anne father become furious?

because she was spending time with peter

What are Edith frank like and dislike?

Edith Frank was a caring mother although she didn't always show it. She tried to be more of a friend to both Anne and Margot. She was also a jealous woman. Whenever Anne and Peter would be together, she would get jealous and try to break them apart.

How do Mrs Frank and Mrs Van Dan respond to this change of Anne loving Peter?

Mr. Frank tells Anne to be very cautious. He doesn't think that Anne should visit Peter so much in the Attic.

How does anne feel that she and Peter are alike?

she flt astonished and was happy. also she grew hope that when it was all oer her and peter would be together forever

What does Anne do to play a trick on Peter?

Anne hiding Peter shoes

In the diary of anne frank why des anne suspect that margot is jealous of her?

She hates living in Anne shadow.

Why Anne frank uncertain of Peter's affection?

anne is outgoing and peter isnt

Why do you think Anne writes more and more of Peter van daan?

Anne writes more about Peter Van Dan because Anne likes Peter

Who was Peter in Anne Frank Diary?

Peter was a boy who moved into the "secret annexe" with Anne Frank.

How does anne think she has changed since her dream about peter wessel?

She has started longing for someone to love; she later on sort of gets together with Peter van Daan