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Isis is not in greek mythology just mythology she is a egyption goddess

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Q: Who is isis in greek mythology?
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Is Isis the Queen of all the gods?

No that's Hera (In Greek mythology). Isis is an Egyptian goddess, i believe of messages or the rainbow.

Who was the Protector of Women in Roman mythology?

Hera is the Greek goddess of women and childbirth.

Was Isis the first god?

No, in Egyptian mythology Isis was not the first goddess.

How old is the goddess isis and when did she die?

Isis never died in Egyptian mythology.

Where did Isis get married?

Egyptian mythology does not say where the goddess Isis married the god Osiris.

What is another name for the roman love goddess?

The goddess of love in roman mythology was Venus. Her greek name was Aphrodite. A part from those, she had no other names. If you mean other goddesses of love, then - Egyptian Mythology - Isis Sumerian Mythology - Ishtar Norse Mythology - Freya Hindu Mythology - Radha Aztec Mythology - Tlazplteol

Do you capitalize Greek mythology?

Capitalize only the G i n Greek but not the mythology. It should be Greek mythology.

What is the origin for iridsecent in Greek mythology?

The word iridescence is derived in part from the Greek word iris (pl. irides), meaning "rainbow"; which in turn derives from the goddess Isis, who is the personification of the rainbowand acted as a messenger of the gods.

Who is Eric in greek mythology?

There is no Eric in Greek mythology.

Who is boltar from Greek mythology?

Boltar is not from Greek mythology.

What is the counterpart of Neptune in Greek mythology?

In Greek mythology it is Poseidon and in roman mythology it is Neptune

What is the book Mythology about?

Mythology is about Greek mythology.