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Q: Who is grey actress on eliquis commercial?
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Who is the actress in the Cadillac commercial?

The actress is Kate Walsh, of Grey's Anatomy fame.

Who is the actress with short gray hair in the Lyrica commercial?

The actress with the short grey hair in the 2010 Lyrica commercial is Veronica Cartwright, older sister of actress Angela Cartwright.

When was Katherine Grey - actress - born?

Katherine Grey - actress - was born in 1873.

When did Katherine Grey - actress - die?

Katherine Grey - actress - died in 1950.

Who is the gray haired actor in the commercial for Eliquis?

His name is Tom Swanson. He has been in quite a few ads.

Who is the blond actress in the Bud Light voice box commercial?

Zibby Allen. She was also "Sadie O'dowd" in a God of War 3 commercial and starred as "Nurse Zibby" on Grey's Anatomy.

Who is actress from cable one commercial?

Kristen Carpenter is the actress from the Cable One commercial.

Who is the coloured actress in the beyaz commercial?

Who is the actress in the beyaz commercial for Bayer

Who is the actress in the webuyanycar commercial?

Who is the Black actress in the new commercial?

Who is the redheaded actress in the commercial for liquor?

who is the actress that mastered the quiet sneeze in the zyrtec commercial

Who is the actress other than Kate Walsh in the Cadillac Escalade commercial Is it Ava from Grey's Anatomy?

i have no idea who ava from grey's is, but I believe the other girl is sofia vegara, a really hot colombian actress who was on that show, "knights of prosperity," and is now on "dirty sexy money." she dated tom cruise for like, a week.

Is the actress on the Kia commercial the same actress that was on LOST?