Who is dappy's dad?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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dappys dad is the name sake of their debut album 'uncle B' he was their manager before they became successful, after his death they released the song 'papa if you can hear me' and named the album 'uncle b' their second album 'against all odds' was the original name that uncle b wanted the debut album to be called

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Q: Who is dappy's dad?
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What is dappys dad called?

Dappys dad is called Byron Contostavlos. R.I.P uncle B xxx

Did dappys dad die?

Sadly; yes, in 2007.

Howdid dappys dad die?

Heart attack

What happend to dappys dad?

I think he had a heart attack in 2007?

When did n-dubz get discovered?

When they were 12 in 2000 by Dappys dad

Who is dad died on the couch from N-Dubz?

Dappys xx

What group was dappys dad from ndubz in?

mungo jerry x

N-dubz song in memorie of her dad?

papa, in memory of dappys dad, tulisas uncle

N-Dubz when did dappys dad die?

12th April 2007

Who is n dubzs manager?

Dappys dad who sadly passed away in 2007

What has ndubz got to do with mungo Jerry?

mongo jerry lead singer was dappys dad

How did n dubz become famous?

dappys dad made them famouss.but he died and that's what papa can you hear me is about