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Q: Who is coco arquettes godparents?
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Who is Courtney cox arquettes family?

She is married to fellow actor David Arquette. His family is filled with many actors. She and David have a child named Coco.

What is the population of Arquettes-en-Val?

The population of Arquettes-en-Val is 94.

What is the area of Arquettes-en-Val?

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Who were Cezanne's godparents?

I don't think he had godparents.

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You need godparents because if your parents die and you have nobody to look after you then your godparents can look after you.

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You can only have Catholic godparents or Orthodox godparents. No protestants can be godparents in the Catholic Church.

How do you get Fairy Godparents?

You can't. Fairy GodParents don't exist.

What are the responsibilities of a godparents?

before you have a communion you asksomeone close to you if they want to be your godparents. and there job is if there parents die the godparents will take care of him/her.

Is there any legal documentation of who a child's Godparents are outside of a church?

There is not usually any legal documentation of Godparents. This is a private agreement between parents and Godparents. Sometimes Godparents are listed in a Power of Attorney or a will.

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No. Godpare nts is not a proper nou n.

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No muslims don't have godparents because it is only suppost to be for christianity