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David Blaine is a much more talented magician. The way he performs his tricks leaves you wondering if he really is able to defy the rules of the Universe as we know them. The way Criss Angel does them is in a way that you know there's some sort of trick or gimmick to them. Also as far as the physical feats go David Blaine is leagues above Criss Angel.

Please only post facts and not speculation whe replying to questions.

David Blaine nominated for first ever Houdini Award. He was nominated by the Board of Directors.

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Q: Who is better David Blaine or Criss Angel?
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Why is David Blaine better than Criss Angel?

Because Criss Angel uses camera effects and paid spectators. while David Blaine does not. there.

Are david blaine and criss angel the same person?

no obviously not.

Are Criss Angel and David Blaine friends with each other?

NO, but if ur wondering, dynamo doesn't work with criss angel , yet he still copyies his tricks!

Who better chris angel or david blane?

So totally Criss Angel!!! Criss is da bomb!!!

Who is the best magician?

The best magician is off course Criss Angel MINDFREAK. Not David Blaine, not Harry Houdini, and not Richiardi. They are a close second. The closest person to Criss Angel will and ever will be Houdini

Is david copperfield better than criss angel?

ha yess

Who is Magic Johnson's Kid's?

Magic Johnson has 3 kids: Harry Houdini Johnson Criss Angel Johnson David Blaine Johnson

What actors and actresses appeared in Mestres do Ilusionismo - 2008?

The cast of Mestres do Ilusionismo - 2008 includes: Criss Angel as himself David Blaine as himself Val Valentino as himself

Do magicians do real magic tricks?

some of them do like david blaine, criss angel, and brad christian. there is also another upcoming magician that is a teenager in stockton, California named Daniel.

How can you become a Mindfreak?

Well if you want to be like David Blaine then that's easy just find out all these tricks on the Internet. Because that's how others discover it, But to be like Criss Angel I quite clearly do not have a clue just try it if they then still don't work you are going to have to ask Criss Angel Himself because then if you can't do it nobody else can. Like Walking through a window how could you do that? Walking on water how could you do that? Chop a Woman in half how could you do that? Going through a Armor Van how could you do that? Walking on top of water without standing on a Float how could you do that? Walking through fire how could you do that? etc... So you got more of a chance of being like David Blaine than Criss Angel. (P.S. Davids tricks are FAKE Criss Angels are totally REAL)

What are the release dates for Larry King Live - 1985 Criss Angel David Copperfield Britney Spears?

Larry King Live - 1985 Criss Angel David Copperfield Britney Spears was released on: USA: 1 December 2007

How can a magician get a job?

Well you should practice a lot but not to much. then start doing shows for your family and then moving on.