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What type of driveway? Was it a curving and could not see the car before rounding the curve? Is it straight; then why did you not see the car blocking the driveway before even getting into car and/or backing..

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Q: Who is at fault when a car is blocking the driveway and as you back out you try to stop but it is icy and you hit the car blocking the driveway?
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If backing out of your driveway you come to a full stop at the end of it because you see another car coming and the other car hits you while your bumper is still on your own driveway who ist at fault.?

It depends. Which bumper is still in your driveway, your front or rear? Did the other car leave the roadway and hit your car? After you came to a full stop did you then proceed to back out and then got hit? If any part of your car was in the roadway then it would most probably be your fault. Any vehicle that is entering into traffic from a driveway is required to yield the right of way to those vehicles traveling within the roadway. If you stuck 2 inches of your car into the road and you were hit, it would be your fault.

Who is at fault if you pull out and are hit by a speeding driver that then hits 2 parked cars?

You are if you were pulling out of a driveway or alleyway. If you were at a side road it would depend on who had the right of way. If you had to stop but he didn't, you're at fault. If he had to stop but you didn't or if he ran a stop, then its his fault. The fact that he then hit two other cars is immaterial.

When a car drives in to the back of you who fault is it?

The fault of the one who backed in to you, unless you made a very unpredictable, unnecessary stop.

Who is at fault if a person backs out of a driveway hits a car that is hanging out of neighbors driveway and that car hits car in front of it?

It would be the person who backed out at first and bumped into the cars. The person is either having problems looking behind him or is impatient. When it comes to this if you see the car before you back into it stop, get out, and go to the neighbors house and ask them if they would move their car.

How do you stop wood ducks pooping on your concrete driveway?

put bleach on your driveway

Can your neighbor stop you from parking your vehicle on a common asphalt driveway if you own the property?

Yes, if you are blocking your neighbor's free access or causing any inconvenience. Even if you own the property you own it subject to your neighbor's right to use it. Neither one of you can park on the driveway so as to block the other party.

When backing out of a driveway you should stop at sidewalk or road?

Always yield to pedestrians. If you hit one, you have almost no chance of getting off the hook. Even if it's not your fault, it'll be tough.

How do you beat a obstructing driveway ticket?

You don't. Stop being rude and blocking people's driveways! Every day some idiot parks across my driveway and I have to call the police to get out of my own garage. Rude people like you burn me up, and I do everything I can to ensure you get a ticket and learn not to block residents' access to their own home!

There is a stop sign right before your driveway Should you wait until the othercar stops at a sign moves along and then back out Or should the other driver stop at a sign and wait for you to back out?

the car on the street has the right of way

Can you stop people from seeing your instagram without blocking them?

You can stop people from seeing your Instragram without blocking them by changing your privacy settings.

Who is at fault lady at stop sign says she stop that you were going to fast she hit you at the back quarter panel?

If you are stopped at a stop sign and she hit you it is her fault. If she was stopped at a stop sign and you hit her it is your fault. If one of you pulled out and the other struck the car it will depend on several factors, including speed of both vehicles, where the cars were coming from and their relative positions on the roadway.

Who is at fault if there are parked cars on both sides blocking your visibility and you get rear ended while backing out very slowly?

Unfortunately this is a sad situation.Just like when you have a stop sign at an intersection and the street you are turning into doesn't have a stop sign,the drivers without the stop sign have the right of way so they trust that you will not be entering the street until it's clear. Obviously if they are driving recklessly and too fast they cause the accident but from the eyes of the police,they put you at fault,when you back up you have to check for pedestrians and any car movement. make sure the cars blocking your visibility had not been parked illegally,that can be a decisive factor to avoid any claims just in case you go to court.