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Fault here would likely be shared. On the one hand, the driver backing really has no legal right to the lane they are backing into - you cannot cut someone off while you are backing up. But it seems you have described a situation in which the individual backing was well into the backing process when someone came along, from quite a distance, and hit them. Hence the driver in the lane already probably had the last clear chance to avoid the accident but chose not to and would hence bear the majority of the fault.

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Q: Who is at fault in Washington state where a vehicle is backing out and is almost completely out when another car hit the car backing?
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Who is at fault when a vehicle is backing up to park crosses a drive through lane and collides with another vehicle?

Most likely the the vehicle doing the backing up would be at fault.

Who is at fault if backing out of a parking lot space and another vehicle behind you is also backing out?

both of you for not looking back

Who is in the wrong when you hit another car backing out of your drive?

The vehicle that was performing the backing maneuver is generally always the one at fault.

You were at a complete stop in a parking lot when the car ahead of you began backing up and then hit you you feel as though she is completely liable as your vehicle was not even moving are you correct?

yes you are correct. the person backing up is responsible for making sure the area behind their vehicle is clear.

What to do when you damage your vehicle backing up into another vehicle?

Most insurance companies will instruct you to call them first when you have an accident, unless there are injuries. You should call the police to get an accident report.

What cause a vehicle to die when backing up?

torque converter can cause this. you will have bucking and stalling. another thing it can be ( I know this to be true as it happened to me) is the cat converter.

Should you avoid backing up as much as possible in a commercial vehicle?

Yes, unnecessary backing is frowned upon.

Whose fault - my neighbor backed out of her driveway and hit my car while I was driving in the back lane Although I stopped and honked Now she claims that she was looking that I hit her.?

In any situation in which a vehicle backing out of a property hits another vehicle, the driver who was backing up is always at fault, barring speeding, impairment, or disregarded traffic controls/signs on the part of the driver who was on the road. Added: I concur. The vehicle operating in reverse must always yield to any other vehicle. The charge I am familiar with is "Backing Without Caution."

What organizations are recommend for keeping children safe while backing up?

Driving schools that will teach drivers how long the blind spot on the ground is in back of a vehicle , and enforce checking around the vehicle while backing, as well as tell kids around the vehicle to keep out of the way while backing up.

The disadvantage of backing and turning?

1. You have a much bigger blind spot in back of your vehicle even when backing straight. 2. When turning you have limited visibility of what is around the corner you are backing in to. 3. It's more difficult to keep control of your vehicle when backing than when going forward.

Who's at fault when a car is parked - another goes around and the parked car - the parked car is put into reverse - and then backs into the moving vehicle?

The person who is backing out

What do e b x mean on DMV score sheet under backing?

There are three parts of the Backing maneuver: E: Entry - Pull to the curb B: Backing - Back the vehicle three vehicle lengths X: Exit - Pull back into traffic safely.