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It's debatable. There is probably some blame on both parties. There are laws regarding opening your door and/or leaving your door open in the flow of traffic. However, it would be easy to dispute that since a parking space would probably not be considered in the flow of traffic. It would probably depend on what each driver saw and what they did to avoid the accident. There is no definitive answer and no matter what anybody tells you, the accident is not clearly one person's fault.

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Q: Who is at fault if you are speeding into a parking space when the driver in the space to your right opens the door hits the front right fender of your car and nearly hitting the exiting driver?
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The driver of the car that hit you would be at fault for failing to slow down and avoid hitting you, regardless of which side he or she was on. Parking lots are very dangerous places and people must slow down accordingly.

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This did happen to me and I was the exiting the parking lot. I had already crossed one lane of traffic and was hit on the driver's side front fender by a car in the second lane. I was ruled "at fault" because I entered the other driver's lane of travel.

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