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They hit you. There is a reason you never cross a double yellow line.

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Q: Who is at fault if you are parallel parking and the car that is stopped behind you gets impatient and crosses a double yellow line to pass you and strikes the front left bumper of your car?
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In California how many inches can you park from the curb?

Palmdale, CA says you need to be within a foot and a half (18")22502(a) CVC - Curb Parking. Every vehicle parked at a curb where two-way traffic is permitted must be stopped or parked with the right hand wheels parallel to and within 18 inches of the curb. Where no curbs are present, right hand parallel parking is required, unless otherwise indicated by signs or other markings. Prohibited would be parking with the LEFT side wheels to the curb or parking at an angle to the roadway on the unpaved shoulder of a street.I presume it is the same for most places in California.

Can you be stopped for exiting a parking lot of a closed business?

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Dimensions of a parallel parking space in New Jersey drivers test?

25 feet by 8 feet. I stopped in Randolph NJ Motor Vehicle and asked them and thats what they told me. The width is 8 feet. 9/24/2014- i have checked my self at the parallel parking spot , rahway MVC over the week end. they are 25 feet by 6.25 feet (75inch).

Who is at fault if a car backing up to parallel park without signaling and backs into another coming causing little or no damage?

Assuming that the car hit was stopped when the other car was backing up, the one backing will be at fault. If there is no damage, or if it is below a certain threshold it may not even count as a collision.

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