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Q: Who is actress in Pandora bracelet new boss commercial?
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Who is actress in Konica Minolta royal boss commercial?

Konica Minolta actress

Which actress played the part of fraisers Cranes boss at radio station kacl-am?

The actress who played Frasier's boss was Mercedes Ruehl.

Who is the boss' daughter in Heineken commercial?

Alicia Rountree-Wilson

Who is actor German boss in sprint commercial?

Jim Meskimen

Fallsview Casino Commercial - Boss's Daughter real name?

Erica Cox plays the hot daughter of the boss man

Can Jake make you an actress?

no hes just an actor you would need to talk to his boss

Which Indian company has come out with intermediate commercial vehicle Boss?

Ashok Leyland

Who was the actress who played Mona on Who's the Boss?

Shana Lane-Block played Bonnie on "Who's the Boss?"

What is the title of the song used for the Hugo Boss Element commercial?

Moby - Extreme Ways

What is the name of the song used in the undercover boss commercial?

saving grace - stellar revival

What song plays at the end of Undercover Boss commercial?

better days - goo goo dolls

Which phone company has the commercial that the secretary goes over her boss's schedule?

Verizon - just watched it an dwondered who the guy is that plays the boss? Seems like we have seen him before?