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You talking about Jama Williamson?

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Patty Sherman

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Q: Who is actress in Lowe's Val-Spar paint commercial?
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What books are the kids reading in the Lowes Valspar paint commercial?

Pride & Predjudice and Sense and Sensibility. The little boy is reading War and Peace.

Where can you find a list of all paint colors sold by Valspar?

To see a list of all the paint colors sold by Valspar you can visit your local Valspar Retailer. Lowes nationwide sells Valspar Paints. You can also view colors, use a virtual sampler, and order paint samples at Valspar's website.

What is the music on the valspar commercial?

"The Great Divide" by Jonathan EliasDepends on which commercial, the Song-Writer is the same.The Valspar commercial with the paint bleeding from the grass and the books in the Library, is:"Ice on the St. Laurence"

Where can someone purchase Valspar paints?

There are many locations where someone can purchase Valspar paints. Some of the most common places to buy paint is Home Depot and Lowes. They can also be found online.

Is r j kelly III the actor in the valspar paint commercial?

YES! Isnt' he cute?

How much are the powerwasher rentals at Lowes?

To answer your question, yes and yes. Lowe's does rent powerwashers for under $100. They also have great prices on paint. Valspar is one of the paint brands that they sell and it is fantastic!

Does walmart sell valspar paint?

Yes, the kind in a spray paint can.

There is an actress that pops up in a lot of commercials She plays the mother in the Lowes commercial where the girl wants to paint her room purple Anyone know?

Stephanie Erb - she's a cutie - have always liked her.

Who is the male actor in the recent lowes paint commercial in 2018?

R.J. Kelly III ...

Does behr paint carry paint close to the color of burnt orange?

In test ratings, Valspar (lowes) paint is a lot better rated then BehR. Just so you know. Both stores, have a computer that will make the color you want. No they don't carry it pre-made, but they will make what ever color you want.

Who sell Valspar paints in Santa Fe NM?

Valspar Paint is available at Ace Hardware, 2006 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe NM.

Who invented the company Paint-Co?

i think his name is VALSPAR. Hope it helped you