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Rob Brydon is a popular welsh actor and comedian. He was born May 3rd 1965 is also a popular radio and television producer. Right now he is most known for the show Top Gear.

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Q: Who is a popular Welsh comedian?
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A welsh comedian 1970s?

Max Boyce

Who is the most famous comedian in Wales?

The best known Welsh comedian working in English is probably Rob Brydon at the moment. There are better comedians working in Welsh (Dewi Pws for one), but you don't get famous in Welsh.

Who was the Welsh comedian at the Apollo who uses a display board in his act and gives a funny lecture about sex?

Rhod Gilbert

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Who was the welsh comedian on live at the Apollo on bbc one where he makes fun of his eye brows?

probably either Rhod Gilbert or Rob Brydon

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He was a very good comedian. He started out with a nightclub act and became a very popular comedian. From there, he moved on to Sanford & Son.

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