Who is a good citazen?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Your Mother, wait no it was your sister. I can't tell the difference

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Q: Who is a good citazen?
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What do you need to go to America?

A Mexican Citazen ship.

Who is Hannah mauney from first weaslyan shcool?

Hannah mauney is a student at washington elementry she used to be at first weaslyan christain school she was in the paper twice one for spelling bee and one for good citazen ship

How many years must a president be a citazen?

To be a candidate for President of the United States you must have been born in the United states.

Does your child become a state resident at birth?

No, you don't automatically become an American citazen if your child is born in America. Actually you can be deported at any time to the government you came from. All because you filed a form uncorrectly, don't have a visa, don't have promission to work in the country, didn't go through the proper systems of paperwork, didn't read the proper books, didn't sign the proper trade agreements, didn't register yourself as the child's parent, didn't apply for citazenship before your child was born, or after. Didn't work properly and didn't obey the rules government standerds as well as country or county or state you were living in the current time. By the way, your child would be an American citazen, just not of the United States Of America. Well depends if they were born in the North or South, what were the circumstances of their birth, can they rise above those by taking a test that all Americans should know. I do not like illegal immigration for this very reason, its unsenseable, cruel as well as very sly and cunning.

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