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Charles Eames, who is known for the compound curves he creates with plywood among other groundbreaking designs.

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Q: Who is a designer of famous furniture?
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When was Hans Olsen - furniture designer - born?

Hans Olsen - furniture designer - was born in 1919.

When did Hans Olsen - furniture designer - die?

Hans Olsen - furniture designer - died in 1992.

Where can I find affordable designer furniture?

If you are wanting to update your furniture in the fashion of designer furniture, there are always auction houses. At an auction house, you can usually bid for items, such as designer furniture, for a nice little savings. Also, there are shops that sell designer furniture wholesale, which also save you some money.

Where can I purchase designer outdoor furniture?

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Where to buy affordable designer furniture in Singapore?

you would have to look up singapore designer furniture in the phone book

Where can designer furniture be found in Houston?

The city of Houston has a few stores that sell designer furniture. Some shopping choices include stores such as KGA, The Houston Design Center, and Designer Furniture Exchange.

Where can one find designer furniture in Houston?

There are several places in Houston you can buy designer furniture. You can try Ashley Furniture, Star Furniture, James Craig Furnishings or Conn's. They all offer nice furniture for any decor.

Which designer furniture stores sell loveseats?

Becker and Ashley furniture are two of many designer furniture stores that sell loveseats. Any furniture store will sell loveseats, but not of the quality of the the ones at Becker or Ashley.

What is Gustav stickley famous for?

Gustav Stickley was an American furniture designer. He became famous for his designs that, in the 20th century, were extremely popular. His designs later became known as the Mission style.

Is Interior Designer and Furniture Designer the same?

The Interior Designer and Furniture Designer may share an artistic eye, but their point of view and goals are not the same. The Interior Designer sees a space, a room which has a function such as a living room or a family room or an office. He has a style in mind which relates to the colors and kinds of furniture he will mix to create a room that meets his goals.The Furniture Designer deals with the construction of particular pieces of furniture, including their possible final location within a room, but focusing on the way in which the particular piece of furniture is constructed, whether of wood, plastic or metal. The Furniture Designer must consider the cost of materials balanced with the use to which the furniture will be put.Both careers are artistic in nature, with the Interior Designer focusing on the overall look of an assembly of factors including window placement, room size, and style. The Furniture Designer only has a dim view of the final location of a piece of furniture he is designing, and focuses on making that piece meet the design requirements necessary to create a suitable piece of furniture for many possible locations.

Can you name an English furniture designer?

William Morris

What furniture item was invented by California furniture designer Charles Prior Hall in 1968?