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Q: Who is Rug and Home spokesperson?
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Who is blond spokeswoman for Rug and Home?

Jamie Simpson is the blonde spokeswoman for Rug and Home.

Who is the blond girl talking in the rug and home commercial?

Kelly Stables is the name of the blonde girl who is talking in the Rug and Home commercial. Rug and Home is a company located in North Carolina.

Outdoor Area Rug?

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Who started the business Rug and Home?

Rakesh and Dolly Agarwal started the business Rug and Home when they came to America from India. Rug and Home's founders is a family owned business that has recieved much national and regional media attention.

What style and color rug would you recommend for a home office?

A black shag rug, it is very comfortable.

Where is a good place to purchase area rug pads?

Rug padding can be purchased from home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowe's. Target and Macy's also carry rug pads. These rug pads all come in different length and width dimensions so it would be advisable to know the dimensions of the rug that needs padding.

Can you clean your silk oriental rug at home?

There are several ways to clean a silk oriented rug. Firstly, it is advised to never give your rug to a dry cleaner since they use chemicals to clean the rug that are meant for clothes. It is always advisable to give your rug to a professional rug cleaner who will use ample water and sunlight to clean the rug. However, for day to day maintenance, it is advised to vacuum the rug but in the direction of the pile of the rug and not against it.

Does Home Depot sell a rug shampooer?

Yes. Home Depot and Lowes sell rug shampooers. They are a much cheaper way to clean your carpet compared to a professional service.

Natural Area Rug?

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How should I clean my hand weft wool rug at home?

The best way to clean your wool rug would be to get a good rug cleaning solution such as rug cleaner made by Rug Doctor. It works well on all types of rugs. Just read and follow the instructions carefully.

Where can one purchase a square rug in Houston?

One can purchase a square rug in Houston from a number of retailers. One can buy them from 'Home Depot', 'Rug Mart Houston' and 'Carpet Giant Houston'.

What is the plural OF spokesperson?

Spokespeople is the plural of spokesperson