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Q: Who is Ronnie McDowell love child Craig Campbell's mother?
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Who are Ronnie McDowell's children?

Ronnie mcdowell sr. Has 5 children, there's ronnie dean mcdowell jr. Athena mcdowell, tyler dean mcdowell, and a love child named craig campbell, not sure if the fifth child is a male or female.

Does Craig or Ronnie sing situations?

Ronnie Radke sung situations. You can tell because Ronnie is sexy but Craig isn't

Who is a better vocalist Ronnie Radke or Craig Mabbitt?

Craig Mabbitt

Which Escape the Fate songs are sung by Ronnie and which are sung by Craig?

The EP and Dying Is Your Latest Fashion is Ronnie. This War Is Ours is Craig.

Who is the better singer of escape the fate Ronny Radke or Craig Mabitt?

Ronnie Radke is a better singer than Craig Mabitt. I love Craig 2 but Ronnie is still better

Why is Craig Mabbit better then Ronnie Radke?

He's not.

Did Craig mabbitt leave etf?

Nope..Sadly he didn't. My opinion is I hate Craig! He goes and talks all this crap about Ronnie Radke While he is in jail Craig Mabbitt pretty much used Ronnie.. Craig could not pay for his kids needs so Ronnie helped him by giving him 200$

Are max green Ronnie radke and Craig mabbit bisexual?

NO, Craig and Max both have girlfriends. I'm not sure is Ronnie has a girlfriend but i know hes straight.

Will Ronnie ever come back to escape the fate?

Probably not. Craig is awesome in it and Ronnie has a new band.

Who replaced Ronnie radke in escape the fate?

Craig Mabbitt :)

When did Ronnie Radke leave escape the fate?

Ronnie Radke left after their first album. He was replaced with Craig Mabbitt

When Ronnie was in ETF was it only him who 'screamed' or did Max sing screamo too?

Ronnie did it when he was in the band. Max and Craig do it both now.

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