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That would be Luke. This site has many helpful questions to assist in the Professor Layton puzzles. I have placed a couple under related questions.

Luke Triton. He follows his hero/teacher Professor Layton everywhere he goes. He helps the Professor with puzzles and always learns from him. He is a huge animal lover and can speak to animals.

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Q: Who is Professor Layton's Apprentice in Pandora's Box?
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Who is the shadowy intruder of Professor Layton?

The shadowy intruder in Professor Layton is Don Paolo. He appears in both the curious village and pandoras box. In curious village, he poses as Inspector Chelmey annd in pandoras box, he poses as Flora.

What is the answer to puzzle 110 in professor laytons Pandora's box?

Puzzle No 110: Chelmey's Route, Professor Layton and Pandora's Box. Please see the related link below.

What is the answer to puzzle 86 in Professor Layton and Pandoras's Box?

think about mirrored alphabet capitals - this one is AA

Is luke really professor layton's apprentice?

Luke is Professor Layton's trusted assistant, he helps the Professor solve all the Mysteries of the Curious village and Pandora's Box.

What is the answer to puzzle 32 that's a rap professor layton Pandora's Box?

the answer to puzzle 32 i believe is c ,in prof layton and PANDORAS box :)

What is the difference in Professor Laytons picture 005?

Professor Layton and Pandora's box, Photo 5 Differences. Please see the Related link below for a walkthrough of puzzle

What is the answer to puzzle 59 on professor laytons Pandora's Box?

Puzzle No 59: A Ticket to Where, Location: Deluxe Room Answer = Missing No is Number ( 2 )

What is the answer to puzzle 85 in professor layton pandoras box?

Puzzle No 85: The Missing Shape, Location: Western Path. Answer = The (B) shape is the answer.

Who is luke in Professor Layton and Pandora's Box?

Luke is Professor Layton's Apprentice, he's very good at puzzle solving.

What are the Answers for Professor Laytons Challenges on Pandora's Box?

See the related link for step by step illustrated solutions in the #1 Google ranked walkthrough

What is the name of the box that holds the eucharist?

pandoras box

What is chtroulette?

A Pandoras box. Don't open it.