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Q: Who is Marta in ESperanze Rising?
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In Esperanza Rising what does Marta look like?

I THINK marta has black short hair

Who is marta in Esperanza Rising?

Marta is a character in the book, 'Esperanza Rising.' She is the person that pushes Esperanza to become a stronger person because she believed in fighting for what she believed in.

Who is the antagonist in the book Esperanza Rising?

Marta is the antagonist.

What does marta announce at the Jamaica in esperanza rising?


In Esperanza Rising do you think Marta is justified in her opinion of Esperanza?

How she acts

In the book Esperanza Rising what is the mean striker girl's name?

Her name is Marta by:simi55

Who was discriminated in Esperanza Rising?

marta was descriminateing esperanza and the rail road workers were descriminating miguel.

What does esperanza want from Esperanza Rising?

the characters are esperanza her mom ,miguel,alfonsos,horensia,josefina,marta, isabel, and Carmen

In Esperanza Rising why does marta insult esperanza?

Probably because she thought that Esperanza was different. And since Marta was one of the people who wanted to strike, and she knew that Esperanza was rich, shes mad. Poor rich. That kind of thing

What are 5 examples of figurative language in Esperanza rising?

There are The River, The Red Roses, The Zig Zag Pattern in the Quilt, and The Phoenix Rising Out of the Ashes

What is the answer of ''De donde es Marta''?

The answer depends on where Marta is from! :) De Donde es Marta of where is Marta Where is Marta From

What has the author Marta Hoepffner written?

Marta Hoepffner has written: 'Marta Hoepffner'