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hey I'm luke benward ,

i don't have a grilfriend anymore so I'm single :)

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Q: Who is Luke mably's girlfriend?
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Does Luke Brooks have girlfriend?

No he does not have a girlfriend he is totally single.

Does luke mcalister have a girlfriend?

yes he does

Does luke in Jessie have a girlfriend in real?

I'm 12 and i love u Luke

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he is single now :)

Does Luke ward wilkinson have a girlfriend?

Yes Luke had a girlfriend called Sophie Owen (2006-2008) they broke up when he was filming Sharpe's Peril.

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really mean to me luks friend but not to luke my head hearts

In Star Wars does Luke have a girlfriend?

unknown but probably not.

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Who is Luke Benward's ex-girlfriend?

Christina mandrell

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Luke Wilson

Has Luke Benward ever had a girlfriend?

No he has not, and i am happy about that, he is sooooooo cute! :)

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Ya, he wants Jessie