Who is Jossie Rose?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Jossie Rose aka JingerMarie is the executive producer of two new reality shows, T.V. Personality and Socialite. Jossie Rose pulsed through the entertainment world wearing many hats. Introduced into acting in her early years, she moved to Brooklyn and obtained impacting leading roles in several city stage plays.

Currently working as an Executive Assistant to Celebrity Designer to the Stars Angela Dean and formerly the Legendary Patti LaBelle, has motivated her in many ways she could never express in words. Being apart of the extraordinary lives of both Ms. Dean and Ms. LaBelle's day to day life and business has taught her, to realize your dream is to make them become your reality. Jossie has done exactly that.

Jossie helped launch the record label West Philly All-stars, where she had the opportunity to bring her own musical talents to the forefront exposing her passion for song writing. With her confidence on super high she stepped out onto the arena of (ARTIST) creating a new hit single burning up the DJ circuit (WTF). This single is currently in demand in clubs all over the tri state area, which for Jossie means she continues to tackle any task or opportunity that comes her way and soaring beyond her wildest dreams. Jossie has been performing her new hit song and is preparing for the next level of her success. With Jossie's continued hard work and excellence her achievements up to this point are just the tip of an exploding rocket.

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Q: Who is Jossie Rose?
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