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Christine Hewitt (Jamaican Journalist and entertainer) was Jamaica's version of the shock jock, much in the mold of Howard Stern in the United States. Hewitt, who gained notoriety as host of the adult television show, 'Man Talk', was murdered on June 29 in St. Catherine. She was found burnt beyond recognition in her car after being attacked by an unknown number of assailants. Many claim she was "working on something big," and may have been murdered to prevent her news from reaching the public. Also a public relations practitioner and stage-show promoter, she died two months after she announced she would be entering representational politics. While an admired figure in Jamaica, many have criticized her for her public statement during an interview that the "Bible was the worst book ever written" and that she did not believe nor follow Christianity.

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There is no prominent journalist named Christine Hewitt that is widely recognized in current media circles. If you have specific information or context about a journalist by that name, please provide further details for more accurate information.

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Jamaican journalist and actress. She host couple shows on TV like man's world and her own program call chatta box. She was a vibrant and jovial person on tv

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Q: Who is Christine Hewitt the journalist?
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