Who invented the automatic loom?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Eric Chester invented the automatic loom he is a great man

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Q: Who invented the automatic loom?
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Why did jacquard invent the weaving loom?

What he invented was a programmable automatic loom. This eliminated the need for a person to change the threads to create patterns and greatly increased the speed of production for patterned textiles.

Why Joseph Marie Jacquard invented punched cards?

To provide the instructions to his automatic loom, specifying the pattern to be woven in the fabric.

What period was the Jacquard Loom invented?

The Jacquard Loom was invented in 1801

Who created the automatic loom?

Your mom did.

What changed the textile industry?

automatic loom

What year did Eric Chester invent the automatic loom?

Eric Chester Invented it after banging that chick from the Big Bang Theory. It just makes me sick....

Who invented the power loom that could create complex pattern?

The Power Loom was invented by Edmund Cartwright.

What innovations changed the textile industry?

automatic loom

What year was the power loom invented?

Edmund Cartwright designed the first power loom in 1784, but it wasn't first built until 1785. It wasn't made completely automatic until 47 years later when it was redesigned by Kenworthy and Bullough.

When did Joseph jacquard invent the loom?

Never. He did not invent the loom, it has existed since before recorded history. What he did invent was the automatic punchcard programmed loom.

When was Punch Card Loom invented?

It was invented in 1801.

Who was English inventor of power loom?

Edmund Cartwright invented a power loom in 1785.