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Stay: doctor cox, turk. Elliot has appear in most episodes too. but Zach braff only in about the first ten to like transition the show into med school.

Carla never appears at all and i don't know about dr kelso.

the janitor never appears either.

i cant remember the minor characters :(

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Q: Who has stayed and who has left Scrubs in Season 9?
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Is scrubs season 9 a 12?

Season 9 of scrubs has 13 episodes.

Scrubs season 9?

Yes Scrubs season 9 is startingJanuary 2010 on ABC.

Will Scrubs season 9 show on tv?

Yes, season 9 of Scrubs did air on TV. It premiered on ABC.

Will there be a Scrubs season 9?

yes, season 9 will be set in a med school

What are the cast of scrubs doing now?

they are filming scrubs season 9 it will air on comedy central at 9:00pm

When does scrubs season 9 come out?

Season 9 came out last year on August 9th.

When will season 9 of scrubs be out in the UK?

not for a while , i saw season 8 scrubs online months before is came out over in eire and UK , but u can watch all episodes of scrubs on , the first 4 episodes of season 9 are up

Who marries carla on scrubs in season 9?

Nobody. Carla wasn't on Scrubs in season 9. Her finale episode was "My Finale," in season 8. Carla was married to Christopher Turk, however they got married in season three.

When will season 9 of scrubs come out?

June 19 2009

Will scrubs still use Superman in season 9?

pretty sure the theme tune will change for season 9.

Why did they change in scrubs season 10?

There is no Scrubs season 10. I'm assuming you're referring to season 9 and the fairly radical changes that took place in the cast for that season. It's because everyone assumed scrubs would end with season 8. That's why the last episode of season 8 is entitled "My Finale." However, ABC wanted to get more out of the show, so they signed on for another season. Thing is, a good portion of the cast members had already left. Honestly... they should have ended it with season 8. Season 9 was kind of horrible.

When does the season 7 of scrubs premiere?

season 7 of scrubs premiered on 10-25-07. to watch full episodes of the hit tv show scrubs, go to to watch every episode from season 1-9