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The main competition for Texas is Progressive auto insuraunce, and Safe Auto. It depends on the person, so it may not end up being cheaper. Typically one of the two will have a better quote or at least match the competition. When i checked my car insuraunce quote for Geico then again for Progressive, Progressive won by 11 dollars a month.

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Q: Who has cheaper car insurance than Geico in Texas?
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Is there a cheaper car insurance other than GEICO in VA?

Currently Geico is offering the lowest rates in the VA area.

Is mercury car insurance less expensive than Geico?

The price of the insurance can be less than geico, and more than geico. It all depends on your personal records, cars, and what plan you choose. they may not be cheaper due to bad record.

Approximately how many people have Geico Auto Insurance?

The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) is a pretty large auto insurance company and has many policy holders. Approximately, more than eleven million people have GEICO auto insurance.

How does Progressive insurance compare to Geico?

Progressive Insurance provides benefits like less cost and more benefits when compared to Geico. Progressive Insurance also provides better customer service and customer friendly behavior than Geico.

Is Virginia car insurance cheaper than insurance in California?

Yes, Virginia car insurance is generally cheaper than insurance in California

What other insurance does Geico offer other than health insurance?

Geico offers Vehicle Insurances for boats, cars, trucks, and other automobiles. Geico also offers insurance for life, property, identity theft, business, umbrella and collectibles.

Is commercial vehicle insurance cheaper than passenger vehicle insurance?

NO. Commercial (or Fleet) insurance is much more expensive than general insurance. However, if you are asking whether insurance is cheaper for a commercial vehicle (carrying produce for example) than a bus (carrying passengers) then, yes, it is cheaper.

Is group insurance cheaper than individual insurance?

When shopping for insurance, there is no guarantee that one option is cheaper than the other. It depends on the company you are looking at and their personal prices.

How many people use Geico for car insurance?

More than 9 million

Where can one find an auto insurer company that provides car insurance by employing a group rate?

One of the best auto insurer companies in the united states is geico insurance. In fact, Geico does provide car insurance in group rates. Geico will give groups of more than 4 people discounts.

Where can one purchase cheap car insurance for young women?

Car insurance, along with pretty much every other type of insurance, including life and home insurances is always cheaper for women to purchase than it is for men. A place to purchase cheap car insurance for women include insurance agency offices like the offices of Geico and Progressive.

Is shopping cheaper in Texas than in Virginia?

Virginia has a lower sales tax than Texas.