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Q: Who found Johnny denim jacket?
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What 3 products are made from denim?

jeans, denim jacket and some bags can be made out of denim xx

What is a Canadian Tuxedo?

Denim jacket with denim jeans. May be accentuated with a denim button down shirt.

What kind of clothes do you wear with a girl's denim jacket?

You can go to FashionTIY, they have a lot of clothes that would go well with a denim jacket

Can a leather jacket be denim?

no because leather is one material while denim is another.

Something you wear which starts with the letter d?

Denim, like a denim jacket as in: She likes to wear denim. Also, dungarees.

What is on the back of vyvyan basterds denim jacket?

He has 'Very Metal' written on the back of his jacket.

Is denim a strong fabric?

YES it is of course it is but it depends on what style it is like a denim jacket they are very strong.

What is the new fashion for this fall?

Denim and jacket . I think it's very cool!

What are the price ranges for a brand new Levi denim jacket?

Depending on quality and whether the item was bought at retail, vintage stores, or at a discount supplier, the price range for a Levi denim jacket can range $48-$128.

What bottoms do you wear with a denim jacket?

Jeans are best, But black pants are good too. ~ I think it looks nice when people wear a dress with a denim jacket but if its a bit colder, I suggest you wear some leggings underneath the dress.

Why does Leonard on big bang theory always wear a jacket?

I think he has poor circulation and is cold.

When Kevin Jonas was younger what was the one thing he'd never take off?

Denim Jacket