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Richard Armitage

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Q: Who does the voice over for the sky hd advert?
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Is it marcelo or robinho in the new sky sports hd advert?


Who is the french footballer in the sky sports hd advert?

Eric Cantona

What is the music from the January 2011 BBC1 HD advert with a Graham Norton voice-over?

"I won't kneel" by Groove Armada.

What song is used in the Sky one HD drama advert?

Sorry. Its "Hurts - Illuminated"

Who is the actress in the latest sky hd box box advert 2012?

sophia loren

What is the music from the Sky Atlantic HD advert with Dustin Hoffman?

To Build A Home by the Cinematic Orchestra :)

What song is used in the Sky Living HD drama advert Nov 2012?

the lights are shining when i'm alone

What is the music in the sky hd unmissable drama advert shown on sky 3's free weekend pass 17-18th April 2010?

Hurts - Illuminated

Is sky tv a good tv to have?

Yes you get over 600 channels but you have to pay for it. You can get Sky, Sky + and Sky + HD. In the adverts in Avatar Sky said they are making Sky + HD 3D. Which will be good! But you have to pay for them all. I think Sky + HD is rubbish because its expensive and you have only got a couple of the channels that are HD!

What is the music in the advert for Sky rugby on HD currently being aired which climaxes with Lions' coverage?

it's "hear our song" by the chemists

Who sings true colors in the sky plus hd advertisement?

im guessing cyndi lauper. Havnt seen the advert though, so not certain.

Who does the voice over for silverado hd commercial?

Tim Allen