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I think it's Brittany Murphy (Luanne Platter on King of the hill.

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Q: Who does the voice for the pothole for geico insurance ads?
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The characters from the 2007 TV show Cavemen were originally in ads for what insurance company?


How does Geico insurance compare to other company insurances?

Geico insurance is very competitive in the auto insurance field especially. Much less expensive that companies like Farmers, Sate farm, Allstate etc. Their customer service is great and their ads can't be beat.

Who writes the Geico ''cavemen'' ads?

Geico is one of the top insurance companies around. They are pretty well known for their ads with the cavemen in them. The Martin Agency is the company that writes them. Two men who work for the company are the ones who do the writing. Their names are Jeff and Craig Cox.

Does Julia Roberts do voiceover for insurance ads?

Julia Roberts was the voice of the person in the Nationwide Advertisement.

How much do Geico ads actors make?


Which companies offer insurance policies for RVs?

You can get insurance for your recreational vehicle from the same place that you insure your home, automobile (and in some cases also your motorcycle). Geico and Progressive mention in some of their ads that they cover RVs.

Does Geico offer online car insurance quotes?

Of course Geico offers online quotes, that's what their TV, radio, and online ads all advertise! Fifteen minutes or less and you'll be insured. Though that seems subject to how long it takes you to fill out the form.

What is the most affordable motor insurance?

Motor insurance rates vary by location, age, and driving record. While their ads would have you believe the GEICO is the least expensive you should shop around to several companies to see who gives you the best deal.

In 2007 ABC debuted a sitcom based on the cavemen who appeared in ads for what company?


Who is the voice in the IBM commercials?

The person who does the voice over in IBM ads is Sam Elliott. He also does the voice over in Coleman camping ads and in Beef ads.

Where can one find insurance ads?

Insurance ads can be found from many different sources. Many websites have advertisements for insurance while many television stations often have insurance ads between shows.

Who does the voice over for Nissan in 2007?

The person who does the voice over in all Nissan commercials is Keifer Sutherland. Before him, it was Christian Slater. Christian also does the voice over in Auto ads, as well as in Panasonic ads. Keifer also does the voice over in Bank of America ads as well as in Verizon ads.