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Show it to the boy mime outside of the clown shop. He will mime that the man is at the Jazz Club.

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Q: Who do you show the picture to on Counterfeit Island?
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What is the picture for Counterfeit Island?

the picture on counterfeit island is a picture for when you go underground and you go on top of the ladder u fix the dragon the way it is on the picture

How do you open the door thing on Counterfeit Island?

First, you have to find all the pieces of paper around counterfeit island. When the pictures are assembled together, it will show a picture of a dragon. Make sure the dragon on the door is the same as the dragon in the picture.

Who recognizes the picture on Counterfeit Island?

the mime

Where is the scream picture on Counterfeit Island?

In the museum.

Who do you show the picture to in counterfeit island on poptropica?

The first mime you come to by BoBo's clown store. (the girl one).

What picture do you print on counterfeit island?

the picture of the guy that will steal the scream!

What do the mimes mean on Counterfeit Island?

When you are looking for the art thief, and show them his picture, they pantomime music, indicating that he is at the Jazz Cafe.

Who do you show the picture of the man stealing the scream in counterfeit island on poptropica?

you have to talk to the mimes and they will motion you to go to the jazz cafe.

What picture is the real X-ray picture on counterfeit island?

its the 5th one

How do you beat the statue puzzle in Counterfeit Island?

you need to collect pieces of paper around the island(counterfeit island).and the that will show you the picture of how the statue should can watch on youtube for help if you see the walkthrough that person would be collecting the pieces of paper throught it.Hope this Helped......

How do you find the hidden picture on Counterfeit Island?

go in the underground tour

What does the picture pieces on counterfeit island look l Ike?

a face