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If you know who there finance company is you can call them directly. Or you can call the repo comapany. Some finance companies and repo companies actually give a reward for contacting them and telling them where it is.

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Q: Who do I contact to turn in someone who is hiding a car due to repossession?
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How do you turn in the location of a car that someone is hiding because they aren't paying for it?

If you know the lender, you can call them and report it. Do not just call the customer service number. Contact someone in Collections, specifically speak to a supervisor. Before you give up the location of the vehicle, ask about a finder's fee. It is not uncommon that repossession companies and lenders pay a fee to those who disclose the location of a hidden vehicle.

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a voluntary repossession is where you turn over the vehicle instead of us having to come get it from you.

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What happens if a car was to be repossessed and it didn't happen?

You are lucky. If you cannot make the payments contact the lender and try and work something out. If not voluntarily turn the car in yourself. You will save yourself the repossession fees.

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Who can you contact to turn in a name and address of a car that is being looked for for repossession?

There are two assumptions here: you know the vehicle is up for repossession. You either have seen the repo truck crusing around for it, or the repo agent has made contact with you. Either way, you know the name of the repossession agency, call them or make contact with their driver. Or, you know the person and know they are late or defaulted on their payment. If you do not know the name of the lender, you can get this information from the DMV using the VIN from the vehicle. It will cost you, but stay tuned. When you make contact with the lender or the repossession company, ask for a finder's fee before you give any information. Let them know you want half up front, and you will take the driver to the vehicle, where you want the other half. Settle for no less than $200.00. Give no information until you are certain you will be paid.

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