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Q: Who created the proper bolt tightening sequence or star pattern method?
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What lug pattern is a 2000 Volvo s80?

If you are meaning the tightening sequence, a "star" pattern is the most universally accepted method. Choose one lug as as a starting point and then crisscross to the farthest away in a star pattern. Be sure to "seat" the lug nuts first before applying final torque.

What is the 4G13 P SOHC cylinder head bolt torque specs?

Tighten the bolt in the sequence until each is torqued to 49 Nm, then completely loosen all the bolt then re-tighten them in sequence once again until each torqued 20 Nm. tighten each bolt again by 90 degree in accordance with the tightening sequence. After that tighten each bolt again by 90 degree in accordance with the tightening sequence. Some mechanics will refer this method as "20+90deg+90deg"

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What is the 2000 dodge ram 1500 lug pattern?

If you are speaking of the tightening prcedure.....use the star method. 12 o'clock....6 o'clock.....9 o'clock....3 o'clock.......ect.

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