Who can sell insurance?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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You have to be a licensed agent in the state you want to sell insurance. Also, you need to be appointed by the carrier/ insurance company you want to sell for.

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Q: Who can sell insurance?
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Does Encompass Insurance sell home insurance policies?

Encompass Insurance does sell home insurance policies. They sell property insurance as well as insurance for dwellings. You can separate them or buy them together.

Do you need an insurance license to sell insurance at an insurance company?

You are required to get a liscense to sell insurance. Each state licenses it's residents who want to sell insurance.

How can you motivate the Banks Sales Team to sell insurance more?

Give the sales team an incentive to sell more insurance products. If they get paid more to sell insurance, then they will sell more insurance.

What is the requirement to sell insurance in Mississippi?

An Insurance License is required to sell insurance in any U.S. State.

What can an insurance agency do for me?

Sell you insurance

Are you an insurance company?

WikiAnswers does not sell insurance.

Do you need to be licensed to sell pet insurance?

Yes, you must have your P&C insurance license to sell pet insurance

What is the role of auto insurance brokers?

The role of auto insurance brokers is to sell some type of insurance. For example, the role of insurance brokers is to sell insurance on behalf of different insurance companies.

What types of insurance do Progressive Insurance Agents sell?

Progressive Insurance Agents sell personal auto insurance . They also sell insurance for commercial vehicles, motorcycles, boats and RV. Progressive is one of the biggest car insurers in the US.

What can you do with an insurance license?

It enables you to sell the insurance that you are licensed for.

Can life insurance agent sell general insurance?


What type of insurance does Willis Global Insurance Brokers sell?

Willis Global Insurance Brokers sell life insurance as well as political insurance, environmental insurance, and a plethora of other insurance services. They also do risk assessment.