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your parents

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Q: Who can be in the car when driving with learner's permit?
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Are you allowed to have a baby in the car driving on your learners permit?


How do you get insurance with just your learners permit?

how do i get car insurance with just my learners permit?

Can you buy a car with a learners permit?

can you buy a new car with learners permit?

Can someone with a Rhode Island learners permit drive in other states?

Yes, someone with a Rhode Island learners permit can drive in other states. However, the person with the permit must be driving with an adult rider in the car.

Is it illegal to operate a commercial vehicle with a learners permit?

By yourself it is illegal. Just like your permit when you started driving a car you have to have a properly licensed driver with you.

How old do you have to be to get a permit to drive a car in Victoria?

you can get a permit for your learners as soon as your 16th birthday. you then havta do 120 hours of driving before you get your p-plates

What are the rules of driving with a learners permit in Minnesota?

dont do it

Will insurance companies pay for accident if driver with learners permit was driving alone?

No they won't. A learners permit is not a valid license. They shouldn't be driving without a licensed driver. The owner of the car can be held liable. They can be sued for allowing an unlicensed driver, drive their vehicle.

Can your son drive a rental car with a learners permit with you?

Yes But He Needs To Have A Learners Permit. Answerd By TG

What happens if you are driving unsuprivised with a permit?

If you are caught driving in violation of the restrictions of your learners permit, you can have your privilege to drive suspended.

What does a va learners permit permit you to do in wv?

The VA learner's permit allows you to learn driving when you are still underage.

If you drive on a learners permit without an adult in the car do you have to pay for the other persons injuries and their car damages?

Yes, you or your parents, or the insurance company of whoever owns the car you are driving.