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Q: Who bought Saturn Corporation from General Motors?
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Who bought general motors?

The public bought General Motors. The filed for Chapter 11 Reorganization in 2009 and made a pubic offering of stock in 2010. They are owned by the stockholders.

Where can a Saturn Sky car be bought?

A Saturn Sky car can be purchased from any car dealership that sells cars manufactured by General Motors. Alternatively you may buy one online from a used car website such as autotrader.

What is the value of 5 share of Gloria Motors Corporation bought in 1920?

I wish I knew. I also have 5 shares of Gloria Motors. Issued in 1920.

When was GMC founded?

GMC was created in 1909 when General Motors bought the "Rapid Motor Vehicle Company". General Motors was founded on September 16, 1908.

Who bought Entenmann's in 1982?

It was sold, in 1982, to General Foods Corporation

What is the name of the company that manufactures Chevy cars?

General Motors is the manufacturer of the Chevrolet line of cars and this line is referred to as Chevy. This company was bought by General Motors in 1918.

Does general motors have a vested interest in Kia Motors?

No, but they have an interest in Daewoo. Ford at one time owned an interest in Kia until Kia was bought by Hyundai.

What is wrong when the power windows blower motor and abs and airbag light is always on?

you have bought a general motors car

Did General Motors eliminated any division before Oldsmobile in 2004?

Yes, they bought the Cartercar in 1909 and discontinued the model in 1915. They also bought the Oakland in 1909 and then discontinued it in 1931.

What was the first car made by General Motors?

General motors never really had a first car. At first they were a storage for Buick and later the founders, Charles Stewart Mott, and William C.Durant took it over and bought out car manufacturers such as Cadilac, Elmore, and Oakland.

Who bought national life and accident insurance co nashville tenn?

The National Life and Accident Insurance Company was bought by American General Corporation in the early 1980's.

Who bought bentley motors in 1998?