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Q: Who are the redhead actresses in the activia commercials?
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Who is the redhead in the tresemme commercials?

Kim Thorne

Who is the actress or lady in the activa commercial?

The actress in the Activia commercials is Jamie Lee Curtis.

Who is the redhead spokes model in Geisinger Choice commercials?

mitt romney

Who is the redhead who does the optimum commercials?

Do you mean the gal here -

Who is the gorgeous redhead with the curly hair in the playtex bra commercials?

Rena Strober

Who is the blonde actress with short hair from the yoplait greek commercial?

Jamie Lee Curtis No, Jamie Lee Curtis is in Activia commercials.

Who is the redhead in the room store commercials?

you hahahahahaha also it could be fluffy mixer vufiejyhfwqlbnapo gooodbye

Who is the redhead actress in the new Wendy's commercials?

Redhead actress in Burger King commercials is Megan Duffy. She has appeared on tv shows such as Mad Men and Criminal Minds and the upcoming Elijah Wood slasher film Maniac.

Who is Margaret easley?

Actress most recognized on the "Directway" (Directv) / Hughesnet satellite commercials. Pretty redhead

Who is redhead actress Sara in Target commercial?

Alyx Andrushuk is the name of the redhead actress that appears in the Target commercials. She first appeared in a Black Friday commercial for the company.

Is activia made out of pork?

Activia is a yogurt.

Who is beautiful redhead in cox communications commercial who is attacked by interviewer's wife?

The name of pretty redhead in the Cox Communications commercials who is attacked by the interviewers wife is not listed. The video can be viewed online, but names are not provided.