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Q: Who are the most popular male actors in their 20s?
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Which phase in life is commonly associated with focus on marriage?

I think most people focus on marriage in their 20s. A lot of women would like to get married in their early to mid 20s. I think men lean towards marriage in their mid 20s to late 20s. It's a popular decade to get married, because you don't want to be too old when you begin a family.

What would happen in the state of Texas if a male in his 20s had sexual releations with a female?

according to the state of Texas 3 year law a male in his 20s that had sexual releations with a 17 year old female would be sent to jail

What is the average age male pattern baldness begin?

usually hairloss begins around 20s.

Did they have TVs in 1920?

in the later 20s, yes; but they weren't really popular and didn't work well.

Did they have TVs in the 1920s?

in the later 20s, yes; but they weren't really popular and didn't work well.

What section of the US was the KKK most powerful in the 20s?


Great Christmas gifts for a 67 year old grandma?

A Red Sweater... Or A Contact Dance from a Male Stripper in his 20s

Who are most of planned parenthood patients?

Most Planned Parenthood patients are women in their 20s.

How old are most of the Minnesota Vikings?

mid 20s-early 30s

Who has the most nba champonship lakers or celects?

celtics with around mid 20s

What year did TV become popular?

TV become popular in the 1950s. TV has been availed into the markets in the early 20s but only very few people had shown interest.

What does it mean when a female professor in her late 20s blushes with you while asking you if you are ok if you are a male college student?

You're a Uni student mate, you figure it out.